Why SME Packaging Should Matter

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand need to invest more in the quality and style of
their packaging than larger businesses. This is because bigger brands are more easily recognizable and
have already cornered their share of the market. SMEs are often still struggling to carve out a niche,
making it necessary to find a unique look for their products that will capture the attention of consumers.
When you have SME packaging that is distinct and appealing, you can more easily entice shoppers to
pick your product. Depending on your target market, you will need to figure out what kind of design,
colour, font, and other presentation which will be attractive to them.
Packaging can often be more relevant than the product itself, especially if your competitors are offering
a comparable option. Packaging that makes your offering look more unusual can distract them from
competitors’ products that are shelved right next to yours. Even for businesses that sell their products
using e-commerce platforms, high-quality packaging can help to boost sales figures as many consumers
will make their purchasing decision based on appearances.
Ensure that it is not just the exterior of the box that you focus on. Creating a worthwhile unboxing
experience requires you also carefully consider the design of the interior. This can also create an
opportunity for communicating key information on the product and sharing marketing messages and
information. You also need to factor in any safety issues which may be addressed by such options as
wrapping the product in tissue or customizing an insert that will stabilize the item in the box.

Benefits of Using Packaging Boxes for Your Products

It is possible to sell a wide variety of physical products without packaging. However, many businesses in
Thailand have found it more helpful to customize product packaging before placing their items on the
One of the key reasons for this is to protect the products. When people shop for goods, they will often
handle them before deciding on whether or not to buy them. This handling can easily damage or even
contaminate the product. Packaging boxes provide a barrier to this happening. They also help to protect
goods while in transit. Packaging like cardboard boxes with extra fluting can absorb vibrations and even
provide a barrier in case of perforation.
Their surfaces also provide an opportunity to share imagery of what the product contained within looks
like, and more detailed information like ingredients, nutritional value and even the contact information
of the business. This can help in better marketing the brand and build brand recognition when you are
consistent with the design.
You do not even have to worry about additional weight. While this is a factor that can affect shipping
costs, you will find that popular packaging materials like cardboard are lightweight and add negligible
weight to the overall product. In addition, this kind of packaging is highly affordable, with the more
boxes you order attracting greater discounts from box makers. there are many box manufacturers in
Thailand, meaning you can easily find competitive pricing and easy availability of whatever style of box
you want. Boxes are also of a shape that makes them more easily stackable, which means they will be
easier to ship.

How to Safely Stack Boxes On Packaging Pallets

Many businesses in Thailand now ship products to clients that are located far off. Even smaller
businesses are finding themselves receiving orders from foreign countries, mostly thanks to the growth
of e-commerce. When it comes time to send out these orders, it is important to ensure you organize the
boxes correctly to avoid damage during shipping.
For businesses that have sizable orders from particular locations, pallets are often used in transport.
Proper stacking on a packaging pallet can improve the chances that shipments will arrive at their
destination in good condition.
The first step is to always place the heaviest boxes on the bottom. This way you can avoid applying too
much pressure from above that could cause more lightweight boxes below to collapse. Having heavier
boxes at the bottom also helps to stabilize the pallet so it will not easily tip over.
As you pile boxes on top of each other, try to create as level a layer as you can that does not surpass the
edges of your pallet. This will also add stability to your pallet. Try to also maintain the shape of a box to
the overall stacked pallet, rather than a pyramid shape. This will make it easier to secure the packages
and handle the pallet along the way.
Invest in good quality straps and ensure you have the shipping information properly labelled and facing
upward. Once everything is properly arranged and strapped down on your pallet, cover it in good
stretch plastic wrap as an added layer of security.

T5 Paper Pallet Co., Ltd.

Thailand based and with global reach, T5 builds from a sturdy platform as the region’s premier designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly corrugated paper products.

T5 Paper Pallet Co., Ltd. has long been known for innovative as well as environmentally friendly ways to store, move, and package products. The Bangkok-based company’s well-earned reputation owes to design and manufacturing expertise in addition to outstanding support before and after every sale.

T5’s high regard is furthermore the result of advanced technological and logistical know-how enhanced with a human touch – a set of qualities fully setting apart T5 from conventional manufacturers and suppliers. Indeed T5 has the creative and service capabilities that lead to genuine relationships. Clients know they can rely on T5 to provide personalized consultation addressing their specific requirements, saving clients time and money. Thereafter, T5’s quick responses and helpful advice – including urgent, last-minute problem solving no matter the cause – further create a solid bond between T5 and clients. It’s all part of the company’s promise to clients and customers to get things right and keep them right.

Now with more than a decade of experience to draw from, T5 continues to expand its product and service range as well as business scope. From 2020, businesses and consumers within Thailand and beyond can expect a growing list of customized paper solutions designed, manufactured, and sold directly by T5 Paper Pallet Co., Ltd.

T5’s expanded range and scope is no transition to a different business model; rather, it’s a refinement of the company’s existing competencies. From its founding, T5 has served clientele as an all-round paper-product firm combining consultancy, design, and production components. This has allowed the company to provide from the outset of every relationship the kind of specialized consultation needed to fully determine a client’s requirements and preferences. From there, T5’s design team works closely with clients to transform prevailing concepts into working plans, before T5 manufacturing technologies are skillfully applied towards creating customized end products each made to precise specifications.

With upcoming advancement, however, remaining unchanged will be T5’s commitment to establishing genuine partnerships with business clients and to being a trusted friend among individual buyers. Whether a company looks to make a warehouse more efficient and cost-effective, or an individual homeowner wishes to make their residence more beautiful and functional, all who choose T5 place trust in an industry leader at the very top of the stack when it comes to inventive as well as eco-friendly paper-based products.

Ahead of the rest from page one

On its founding in 2008, T5 Paper Pallet Co., Ltd. became one of Thailand’s first manufacturers of corrugated-paper pallets for storing and transporting inventory. It likewise became first in the country to use specialized, precision machinery from Japan for producing paper pallets, which it installed at T5’s production site near Bangkok.

The material advance represented by paper-based pallets, or “ecopallets”, soon benefitted clients in important ways. Apart from being lighter (saves transport costs), cleaner (doesn’t require fumigation), safer (easier to handle), and less expensive on the whole, paper pallets likewise can be manufactured more quickly than conventional wooden or plastic varieties. Crucially, from the very beginning, this allowed T5 to provide clients with more responsive supply given that less lead time was needed. That same responsiveness applied to T5’s additional product focus early on, namely packaging materials including corrugated boxes. Here again, speedy supply proved a key advantage for clients, and especially export companies, whose immediate requirements can vary substantially and change quickly throughout the year.

T5’s unflagging enthusiasm for finding new and better ways to do things soon made the company Thailand’s top source of corrugated paper products. From breaking with norms so as to provide genuinely innovative pallet and packaging products, to going beyond the usual expectations of a traditional manufacturer to provide tailored design and consultancy services, T5 established itself as an industry leader. The experiences gained and reputation earned by T5 over the years, moreover, would eventually lead to partnerships with major domestic and international companies. All T5 partners benefit from T5’s unrivaled combination of large-scale production capabilities enhanced by personalized consultation and support services.

Today, T5 stands poised to continue its success as a manufacturer and supplier of paper pallets and packaging materials. The coming years, moreover, will see the company expand its design capabilities to emphasize non-corrugated paper products including household items such as home storage, furnishings, and décor.

Core values mean strong bonds

T5’s core brand values – five it so happens – reinforce all operations and influence every relation. The values create strong bonds between T5 and its partners and customers, as well as between its employees and the communities where T5 operates.

1. Dependability
It’s important to be on the same page

There’s an expression in Thai, puen koo kid (เพื่อนคู่คิด). A general translation is “close friend” as well as “trusted partner”, or literally “thinking partner”. Either way, the expression conveys a sense of dependability, of someone you can rely on. There’s a further sense of someone who thinks like you do, who intuitively understands and anticipates your needs and concerns. Such traits combine to form an essential value at T5: dependability. Clients can depend on T5 to provide meaningful, honest, and comprehensive consultation. They can then later depend on timely advice and easily accessed service even outside business hours.

For clients and customers, T5 is not only their thinking partner but also their personal paper guide. T5 helps them get things aligned and assure a desired result. The company listens, learns, and thinks carefully – until everyone is on the same page – before skillfully guiding each client to their goal.
2. Capability
Vanguard hardware and can-do creativity
T5 is more than a manufacturer and supplier. The company’s production site in fact comprises an in-house R&D function along with the kind of advanced equipment and technology required for conceiving, designing, making, and delivering innovative paper-based products. Among hardware examples are sophisticated digital printers requiring no master plate, resulting in not only superior-quality designs but likewise more affordable output.
Of course even the most ultramodern hardware needs old-fashioned human ingenuity. T5’s design team has in-depth knowledge of paper’s material properties and its many uses – including ways to create highly functional and durable products not usually associated with the material. Indeed, it was through such expertise in paper’s properties and potential that T5 became first in Thailand to manufacture paper pallets, which despite being lighter are in fact highly durable and can support loads of up to 3 tons. And given T5’s design and production capabilities, those qualities and specs are bound to improve.
3. Customizability
A client’s personal paper-works
T5 has the know-how and flexibility to create customized paper solutions. Whether it’s a small run of stylish packaging, large-scale production of corrugated boxes to precise measurements, or paper pallets by the hundreds of thousands, T5 can do it all and do it quickly.
In this regard T5’s consultancy and design proficiency are key. Initial consultancy takes in diverse concerns, sometimes going beyond paper-related requirements to assess each client’s unique business process. This ensures advice and recommendations that are thorough, relevant, honest, and meaningful. Additionally, because it’s a design house staffed with top-flight creatives and equipped with advanced technologies, T5 has the necessary flexibility to provide maximum customizability.
The same personalization, flexibility, and creativity, moreover, enhance T5’s expanding line of paper-based household furnishings and décor. Whatever you need and no matter how soon, T5 is your personal paper-works.

4. Applicability
Wide-ranging functions and uses
T5 expertise stretches beyond efficient and cost-effective methods for companies to package and store products ahead of delivery to retailers and consumers. More and more, paper-based products designed and made by T5 are consumer products themselves. Indeed the applicability of T5 designs is broad and for many might be surprising. Just some applications for home use include: tables, computer desks, cabinets, bed frames, shelves, shoeboxes, pet houses, and more.
So apart from industry-leading corrugated-paper products such as pallets and boxes, expect to see from T5 in coming years many new and imaginative uses of other paper types across diverse applications.
5. Responsibility
Genuine care for people and the planet

T5’s commitment to responsible business practice is a natural extension of its responsibility to clients and customers. In fact, the same care and attention the company devotes to customer relations is seen just as clearly in T5’s devotion to colleagues, communities, and the environment.

T5 does more than talk about the principles of corporate responsibility and sustainability: the company commits them to paper. For instance, when working with international partners T5 readily signs up to what are often stringent environmental, workplace and documentation requirements. Among measures adhered to are those pertaining to resource use, waste management/pollution control, fair labor practices, workplace safety and other factors fundamental to responsible business operation. The company likewise abides by International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001) benchmarks.

T5 takes just as seriously its duties as a company within the paper industry. It holds Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody certification (FSC CoC) and thus strictly abides by the organization’s standards regarding sustainable use of natural resources. Company certification requires that all other companies in a supply chain be FSC CoC certified, among them harvesters, processors, manufacturers, distributors, printers, and most retailers. This allows T5 clients and customers to know with confidence the products they buy have come from responsibly managed sources.

T5 Paper Pallet Co., Ltd. – Your Personal Paper Guide

T5 Paper Pallet Co., Ltd. promises to be a personal paper guide for every client, consumer, and employee. As a designer and manufacturer of innovative paper-based products and a full-service paper consultancy, T5 excels by being a flexible and accessible company always there for associates at every step of the way, whether as a long-term partner among global corporations and SMEs or as a trusted friend to individual retail customers. T5 furthermore promises to conduct all business operations responsibly, with the health and well-being of people and the preservation of natural resources foremost concerns at all times.